Thursday, October 8, 2009

A long overdue update....

Okay so I know i haven't updated in a long time since June... a lot has happened over the course of a few months... where to begin...June...My nieces and nephews stayed with us at my parents of course for the summer and we had a great time doing many fun activities and adventures...We went to Hogle Zoo, Swimming a lot!!!! but that is always the best part in the summer time.

July we had the fireworks at Granite High School which will be sad because it won't be my High School anymore but there was a lot of fun memories there. We have had a lot of sleepovers and late night with the kids. They are crazy and silly, but we miss them already, Kellen and D.J. (nephews) got baptized in July du
e to the fact that Kellen has really wanted to join but had to wait, it happened when we took them to go see the new Oqurriuh Mountain Temple Open House When
Kellen says that he really like feeling good inside and how the Temple looks beautiful
and hopes that one day he can come here. It was awesome, Tim baptized Kellen and my brother Milton baptized D.J. I hope that they continue to learn and study the gospel and keep that reminder in their heart of who they have become.

We have done a lot of fishing and camping this year as well Tim has decided to take up a new hobby and wanted to learn how to fish at first he wasn't having any luck but he wasn't about to give up and he finally succeeded at it and Caught Two fishes this summer I caught one it was scary and awesome at the same time.

August we have been getting ready for the new school bythis time we have been winding down and taking it easy. We didn't do much this month b/c we were broke...but that is okay we had a lot of fun spending time together before we went back to school.

September came and school has started it has been very overwh
elming for me this semester and
still is, i just hope that i can pass my class to be able to finally graduate next fall. Yay I will finally be done....

Now we are in October and to update on the kids Ali just turned 3 in July forgot to mention that and had a great birthday party. She wanted a Strawberry birthday which we did, I had a cute outfit for her in all pink and made a sign for her that told her "Happy 3rd Birthday have "Berry" special day" She got new strawberry shoes and toys. She is really into Strawberry Shortcake and is now liking Barbie and Tinker Bell . She is officially potty trained yay!!! Yes
there are moments when she does have accidents but she is learning. I for one am just glad that i only have to buy one set of diapers and worry about Camden. Ali is learning and growing everyday she is loving that she can be more independent. She is very curious about everything, we are working on her letters,shapes, colors, and numbers...She is a very bright and great example to me and tim always reminding us that we need to read scriptures and have family prayer and sing songs before bedtime, although that is one of our challenges with her is that she never wants to go to bed and tries to find every way that she can to stay up, we have found that keeping her up all day with no naps she tends to fall asleep early which fine with us, cause by the end of the day we are all worn out by her. :)

Camden is 7 months old and is my little spunky boy who has developed a stubborn streak, he doesn't like to lay down on the floor so he taught him self to sit up. Right now he is trying to roll over and learn how to crawl and is not sure that he likes the idea. He has the cutest smile and loves it when his sister makes him laugh when she gets him going it is so funny to listen to them laugh and giggle. He has been sick for the last 3 weeks with a cold and c
ough/ teething but has been in good spirit.

Tim has been finishing this semester at SLCC and will hopefully be done in the spring, he is still working at FedEx's Kinkos.

I am still staying to be a mom and waiting to see if i still have my job i have had some good news but still sure takes a long time for them to finally get to you but keep your fingers crossed. As i have mention i will be done with my Bacholer's Degree in Human Development Family Consumer Studies with an emphasis in Early Childhood next fall and i am very excited to be done with school, i thought about going on and doing my student teaching but i think i am going to stick with doing preschool. Which is okay with me, i have been in school for so long that i am ready to be done.

Well that is our update for now I will send more in a while after Halloween.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Update on the Famiy

Okay since we have been out of the loop for quite a while, things have been quite crazy around here. Things are going well, since we are out of school we are enjoying our summer vacation with the crazy hetic things going on but we are enjoying it. We at first was going to buy a house more like a mobile home but it didn't work out, then we just decided to build our own house, we are tired of fighting with people saying that we are approved then denying us after a while it makes it really hard and sad for us to get our hopes up anymore so we decided we want to build it the way we want it and tim wants to do it himself with some help of course.

Camden is growing more and more cute each day and he is smiling and laughing each time we love having him and he brings alot of joy in our home it is so fun to have a baby in our home they are alot of fun. He is also learning how to sit up and coos alot, he doesn't like to lay down we have learned in to put in the swing at night where he and i will get a good night sleep.

Ali is going to turn 3 on the 15th of July and is so very excited for her Strawberry birthday she is now into Strawberry Shortcake and loves it alot, we went through a Mickey phase now we are going through a Strawberry Phase. She is growing like a lark but is a very picky eater.

We are doing good, we are learning new things every day we have had my nieces and nephews here for the summer and it has been quite an adventure so far, this april we lost my grandmother who had passed away and we miss her dearly.

So since i have updated i will try and get pictures on here my computer is being werid...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Camden Taylor Livingston

Camden Taylor Livingston

Camden is our little joy when he came into this world, he brought alot of us happy he is so handsome and we are very blessed to have him here with us. He was born March 28th 2009 the day after my grandmother's birthday. He weighed 6 lbs 15 ounces and 19 1/2 inches long, he is my tiny baby nothing fit him when we first brought him. But he eats like crazy LOL!!!

We love having him in our home, Although when Ali met him, she told everyone "this is my baby brother, Momma you take care of my baby brother" At first she wasn't sure about him we went through a jelous stage for a couple weeks then she got used to him. Now she is mother wants to do everything for him.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


So i realized that i haven't updated in a while, last i updated was about Slacking, i am a slacker but so much has happened in the past few weeks. We are closer to have our baby boy Camden here and are hoping it will be soon, I am so ready for my body back and being able to breathe again LOL!

This past week, we had a quite a scare not with the pregnancy the baby is doing fine, I had a problem with my shunt, we were doing so good with me not having any headaches until this past Sunday i woke up about 2:30 in the morning with a sinus headache thinking that it was just a sinus headache turned into a shunt headache, so i took some Tylenol then it went away then woke up again at 8:00 in the morning again with another headache, which was weird cause i don't normally get that many headaches, then i took another Tylenol then it came back at 12 p.m. I didn't want to take another one because i didn't want to overdo it. So it really started to worry me and really worry Tim, we called my doctor and they told me to come into the ER for a check up to see what is going on. The headache didn't go away until Tuesday and hasn't come back since but I still have to go see a neurologist to find out what is going on.

Ali saw a dermatologist because her rashes were getting worse and she couldn't leave them alone it ended up being Eczema she is very sensitive to cold weather and breaks out on animal fur. We got her a stronger cream to help calm the itching she is doing better now but will have to endure the Eczema since there is no cure for it. I feel bad for her sometimes because it will drive her crazy. She is my drama queen very dramatic about everything wonder where she gets that from hmmm... :) But she is growing still not much still the same height when i check her last at the doctor's office.

Tim is doing the best he can of finishing school he is doing well in his math class, which is what we are shooting for. We are hoping that he will be able to transfer here up to the UofU when this semester is over with. With the economy going the way it is we are hoping that he doesn't lose his job or more hours but things are turning for good where he is getting his hours back slowly, I am not working right now just trying to take it easy and rest and prepare myself for the baby to come. I do miss working sometimes but I love being a stay at home mom, Ali is not quite sure yet but loves being able to play on the playground, I am trying to adjust to my schedule to keep myself busy where i was before working and going to school full-time now just staying home and going to school. So much for now will post later...

Monday, February 9, 2009


I have slacked on blogging for quite some time, I haven't had really much thought to put in my blog and i have also been really busy and trying to manage working and going to school and be a mom all at the same time. It is really crazy but fun at the same time. Not much has been going on expect for trying to keep my siacatic nerves from killing me or the baby from hurting me alot LOL!!! and chasing a wild and crazy 2 year old everywhere :) I am doing good just eagerly waiting for the baby to come then i can breathe and move again. With the economy getting bad Tim's hours got cut and we are struggling but going at it one day at a time the best we can. We are hoping it will get better soon so that he can go back to his 40 hours a week job and we can somehow survive.

Well that is all for now i will try to come up with more thoughts when i have another moment to sit down and think

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is over and the new year begins...

Christmas is all over and the new year will be beginning in a few days...We had a great christmas, Ali was very excited to see her present under the tree at first we had to wake her up because Tim was in a giddy mood to wake up at 6:00 a.m. but i refused to get up that early so it killed him for a little while he he... When we finally woke her up and brought her into the room she was so excited "Gasp" "Toys" and starts running over to the tree, it was so cute. For the last few days before christmas it was killing her because she wanted to know what she was getting for christmas. Boy, was she surprised.

She got lots of toys, her favorite movie right at the moment Wall-E and Horton hears a who, Her kichentte that she has been asking for, and dress up stuff she also got a sled she has been wanting to go sledding and when we took out there it was fun for the most part she didn't like falling off. I got alot of scrapbook stuff, very excited cause i need more room for it, Tim got a model car and he is offically our "Cook" in the family makes the greatest food so i made him an apron "World Greatest Cook" with mine and Ali's handprints on it and his very own Recipe Book where he can put all his creation in there.

We spent Christmas eve with my family, then Christmas day with Tim's Family, where of course she got spoiled some more. The sad thing on chrismas eve i was so sick with nauseous and couldn't eat anything all day it was horrible, i haven't been that sick with nauseous in a long time it was crazy...

We are excited for the new year to come with the new baby coming and getting ready for him to come and start a new year fresh and new... We have found some new info on Ali she kept breaking out into this werid rashes on her body and it kept blistering up so we finally took her into the doctor's to get it check out, she has Ezcema which there is not much we can really do for her except for putting lotion on her and she kept getting this rash on her eyes we are still not sure what it is yet but hope the medication will help make it go away but we do know that cold weather does tend to bother her but she loves the snow so we have to lather her up to keep her from breaking out. Hope y'all had a great christmas...

Christmas Eve at Grandma McLelland

Daddy and Ali sledding down the hill

Ali new sled

Making cookies on christmas eve

Ali was Mary and Anya was an Angel

Look at all my toys

All of the presents under the tree

Sick with Nauseous on Christmas Eve

Our Family Christmas Picture

Our cute little Princess

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Husband Tag

1. Where did you meet? On a blind date
2. How long did you date before you got married? 7 months!
3. How long have you been married? 4 years
4. What is your favorite feature of his? His eyes
5. What is your favorite quality of his? He has a funny sense of humor, and he knows how to have fun
6. Does he have a nickname for you? Yes, more than one
7. What is his favorite color? Blue
8. What is his favorite food? Chicken Cassorole(My specialty)
9. What is his favorite sport? None he doesn't like sports
10. When and where was your first kiss? I remember it was at my parent's house and we were sitting on the couch watching Harry Potter and he kissed me right on the lip by surprise :)
11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We like to do a variety of things to keep it intresting, mostly movies, puzzles, and cuddle
12. Do you have any children? 1 girl and a boy on the way
13. Does he have a hidden talent? He can draw pretty good and is a computer geek
14. How old is he? 27
15. Who said "I love you" first? He did
16. What is his favorite type of music? It depends on the day
17. What do you admire most about him? He gives really good advice, and is very patient with me, and very helpful!

I tag Kasey and Michelle